"Abili Balance Trainer"

It is unstable platform for children and adults. "Abili Balance Trainer" could be use during rehabilitation period, balance improvement, also for professional athletes. It is preventive device of back pain and fall risk in elderly. Activation of deep muscles is higher during training on unstable surfaces versus stable.  

Unstable platform moves in horizontal plane it is safer because of it. There are special, adjustable, soft handles for safety during trainings. Height of handles is ease modifiable. We take an opportunity to choose unstable device with or without handles.Because of unique “Abili Balance Trainer” construction instability level is modifiable. This opportunity gives an ability to improve skills for more physical active people.

  • Size of platform could be changed of an individual request;
  • Product is delivering to your place;
  • Two years of warranty.

"Abili Balance Trainer" app 

We are glad to have an opportunity to represent for you our new “Abili Balance Trainer” app! 

Lets look to the main functions of this app!

Easy to use:

First step: write name, surname, age, height, weight. 

Second step: choose feet position, stability level and duration.

Third step: Connect and begin the test!


Games of Virtual reality

"Abili balance analysis" is a system which integrates "Abili balance trainer" app and games of virtual reality. One of the game is in the Arctic, other one in the forest. All games are difficult due to balance maintenance during all period of the game. The training is more interesting and challenging.